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Fight eczema, psoriasis & dry skin with our award-winning Goat's Milk Shampoo/Body Wash!

First Place Winner

in the 2019 American

Dairy Goat Association 

body care competition.

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Use All-natural goat's milk lotion in between bathing for severe skin issues.

Welcome to Tamara's Dairy Doe's Delectables. Our great selection of products will cover all of your needs, whatever and wherever they may be. Enjoy our exceptional shopping experience and contact our customer service with questions or comments.

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Love your PETS (Go chemical free); this makes an amazing shampoo to moisturize your pets skin and hair!


The Story of Tamara's Dairy Doe's Delectables

The Way It Should Be

Tamara's Dairy Doe's Delectables is a small organic farm business offering all-natural, hand-made bath and body products made from luxurious goat's milk.  After teaching special education classes for 22 years, Tamara has taken early teacher retirement due to chronic health issues.  Through research, she has formulated these organic, all-natural products to reduce the intake of chemicals in our bodies. 
Qualities of Goat's Milk:  Its PH is closest to humans, so that it can be easily absorbed by our skin with less irritation, while keeping bacteria at bay.  It possesses moisturizing qualities that keep your skin soft with high levels of vitamin A that improves overall skin health and fights acne.  Goat's milk has over 30 naturally occuring vitamins and minerals   It is also high in lactic acid or alpha-hydroxy which gets rid of dead skin cells and brightens your complexion.  Research shows that Goat's Milk products reduce the effects of psoriasis, eczema and acne along with other sensitive skin issues.
Watch this five minute video with Lisa Bryant from Delmarva Life!

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Hi everyone!  I am one of Tamara's happy customers.  I would like to share with everyone how much I love her goat's milk bath products!  They make your skin feel so soft and clean.  It makes me feel good to know that these are all natural too.  I am really looking forward to trying her new lotion.  Tamara is great to work with.  If you haven't tried her products, you won't be disappointed.  They are amazing!


Dear Tamara,

     My prayers were answered when I saw you on Delmarva Life!  I ordered two bottles of chocolate and 2 bottles of citrus shampoo/body wash and I couldn't be happier!  Thank you for coming up with it!  Me and my poor dog, lol.  Poor baby used to chew her feet terrible and I use to dig my scalp like I had head lice!  No one could help us without putting us on steroids!  So thank you so much for making this wonderful chemical free shampoo!  I look forward to trying some of your other products!  God bless you and your business, may it prosper and grow!

Sarcoidosis/Cancer Survivor

My 4 year old has issues with seasonal eczema and his doctor always prescribed a steroid cream.  I tried it and was not happy with the way it didn't help after two weeks.  I ordered a few products from Tamara and whoa...three days and he was all cleared up! I couldn't believe it.  Great products with no chemicals!  I will definitely be ordering again soon, thanks for making such great products! Kimberly Lapp